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Here Once, Forever Gone. Now And Forever Here.

“To feel at home in a place, you have to have some prospect of staying there.”   It was the two old brothers who started the unraveling. One eighty-one and the other eighty-three. Too old to be restless so it had to be something else. Something wilder....


But A Chapter

It was a chapter and only a chapter but god damn it, it was one of the best chapters. Slowly, all too easily though, it was breaking up. Like bits of debris in a fast moving and flooded out river, it was floating on with...


I Want To Be A Priest

This article originally appeared on The Broad Collective   A common critique that we hear of The Broad Collective is that we don’t represent the Athens that some people are familiar with but rather a white-washed version that reflects a privileged minority. While I don’t agree with...


Pressed Me Thin Into My Sheets

I’m convinced of it. Now actually after all these years. And even in recent months, what with the sudden conversation about whether to drink or not to drink and what it means for our clarity. I suppose I have known the answer all along, whether...


Inextricable and Hard and the Same and Ok

“There are a ton of people in this line of work that are not ready to be perceived as foolish. They’re not ready to be embarrassed. They aren’t ready to take their dick out.” It was from a local paper in a college town. It could...


Let Me Listen To Your Brain

“Are you tired?” “Yes.” “Are you tired?” “No.” “Why not?” “Because I’m not tired.” “You’re yawning. You must be a little tired.” “A little bit.” It was dark in his room but there was a little light yet left outside trickling through the blinds. Just enough that he could make out the silhouette...


Pockets of Sky

It was summer. The thunder was rolling and rolling and rolling some more. There was no rain. Just thunder. The song was called No Magnatone but it began with a slow fuzzy crawl that sounded like you’d expect an old shot to hell Magnatone amp...


It Did Not Move It’s Wings

The main he reason he set about writing was to figure out what he wanted to say. At least that was his aim. He was thirty-two. In all reality he had received about half of what he could expect to receive in life. This was not...

lights in a tree

An Old Bear Of A Tree

She believed in nothing; only her skepticism kept her from being an atheist. - Satre The night was perfect. Clear. Crisp. It would have felt hollow had there not been so much pent up electricity in the air. The black sky had an unusual piercing of...


The Plane

Sitting at an angle to avoid the sun on the left side of his face through the window his right leg cut into the right arm side arm rest. His feet barely in the aisle. No one was walking around but his feet were still...