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Grass Cave House by Makiko Tsukada Architects

This house, called the Grass Cave House by the architectural firm Makiko Tsukada, is amazing on the inside and outside. Check out Arch Daily which has full pics and a little behind the scenes with the architects describing how they built it and why they were able...


Cabin Porn: The Watershed

Just found my new writing nook. And it's spectacular. I wish I could build like this. I've linked to Cabin Porn before but if you haven't checked it out, you need to check it out now. Some of the coolest pics and cabins in the...


Jack English: 93 Year Old Badass

Cabin Porn turned me onto my latest hero, Jack English, a 93 year old badass who lives deep in the woods in California by himself. Check out the video. [media url="http://vimeo.com/76364379"]...


Cabin Porn

I love this website. And this is the reason why. Gorgeous cabins like this.  ...


Living Space

Great image courtesy of Brown Dress With White Dots....