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Big Green Egg All-American Burger

Big Green Egg burger recipes aren't much different than any regular burger recipe. Make a patty with ground chuck. Put on fire. Put things from a garden on top. And eat. Honestly, and I hate to spill the beans, it's not much different for the...


Roasted Tomato Soup w/ Fresh Guacamole & Gulf Shrimp

This recipe came from the great recipe blog SoupAddict. I've modified it slightly but it can be found in it's original form here. This is a really easy summer time soup recipe. The longest part is roasting the tomatoes for 45 minutes. But outside of that,...


Grilled Shrimp w/ Apple and Charred Scallions

This recipe, as far as I know, originally appeared on Food & Wine's siteĀ as I can't find in Hugh Acheson's cook book, A New Turn In The South. It appears to come as a contributed recipe from Hugh Acheson on the Food & Wine site....


Oven Roasted Heirloom Tomatoes

I'm afraid there is not much to this oven roasted tomatoes recipe. Nor should there be. While I'm learning to like and appreciate vegetables (it only took me 33 years), the best part about good quality vegetables is all you need is the vegetables when...


Chili on the Big Green Egg Recipe

Chili on the Big Green Egg seemed like a daunting task for me. Smoking chili seems easy enough. But when you consider the multiple ingredients. Layering them in at certain times. Slow cooking it, without overcooking it, to meld the flavors. Chili in theory is...


Macaroni and Cheese on the Big Green Egg Recipe

So this was a pretty easy progression for me to make but I have no idea why it took me this long to arrive at it. I've been making this Macaroni & Cheese recipe for the past year but I don't know why it took...


One Blue Duck in Hoschton GA

Alex and I were in and around Braselton and Hoschton today and stumbled across One Blue Duck. We drove over from Athens and were checking out some of the antique shops in the area. We got hungry for lunch and did a quick google search...


Linguine w/ Lemon & Olive Oil

I got this Linguine w/ Lemon & Olive Oil recipe from the Smitten Kitchen. And it's probably one of the easiest pasta recipes I've ever made. It takes no time at all and has tons of flavor despite having so few ingredients. If you're looking...


Mussels in White Wine Recipe

This is one of the easiest and heartiest meals we make. It's also really, really cheap. Especially in comparison to some other types of seafood. The challenge for us has been finding fresh mussels. Typically when you check them out at a grocery store like Publix...


Smoked Chicken Wings on Big Green Egg Recipe

This meal requires a couple of different recipes, namely the wing sauce and the rub. And don't forget about having a good side to go with it. I'm biased but you could do worse than Macaroni and Cheese on the Big Green Egg. Let's start...